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Aerobics will harmonize your mind and body

Corporate Programs

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, it’s easy to overlook the silent toll of prolonged sitting. Extensive research indicates that long hours of inactivity significantly contribute to health risks, including heart disease, diabetes, and decreased mental well-being. Our sedentary lifestyles not only affect our physical health but also our productivity and energy levels at work.

At Ritz Fitness, we understand the unique challenges faced by the corporate sector. That’s why giants like Hilti, DCM Shriram, and IOCL have chosen our specialised corporate fitness sessions.

Our programs, ranging from step aerobics and Zumba to HIIT and Pilates, are designed to inject vitality, foster team spirit, and promote a culture of wellness within your organization.

Invest in your team’s health with our bespoke corporate fitness solutions. Let’s transform the way your team works, one step at a time.

Online Classes

Ritz Fitness has seamlessly extended its hallmark of diverse and engaging fitness programs into the digital realm, ensuring that the benefits of its offline sessions are mirrored online with great success. The transition to online sessions has not only maintained but, in some instances, enhanced accessibility and convenience, allowing participants to join from anywhere—be it from the comfort of their homes or even while traveling. Through high-quality, interactive live sessions, participants receive personalized attention and guidance from Ritz’s certified trainers, ensuring their fitness journey continues uninterrupted. 

The variety of workouts—from high-energy aerobics to calming yoga sessions—remains as diverse and stimulating as ever, ensuring no two days are the same. Additionally, the online format fosters a strong community spirit among participants, replicating the supportive and motivating atmosphere of offline sessions. This flexibility, combined with Ritz Fitness’s commitment to quality and community, showcases how its online offerings are not just a complement but a powerful alternative to traditional, in-person fitness regimes. 


Are these classes suitable for all ages?

Yes, our workouts are designed for all ages. Modifications are provided for varying fitness levels and requirements.

Can I access classes from any device?

Yes, our platform is accessible from all electronic devices, making it convenient for you to join from anywhere.

Do I get personalized guidance?

While classes are group sessions, we provide general guidance. And for personalised advice, go for 1-on-1 sessions.

Are the classes live or pre-recorded?

We offer both options. Join live for real-time interaction or access pre-recorded sessions for flexibility in your schedule.

How often should I attend classes?

Aim for 3-5 sessions per week, but consistency is key. Listen to your body and find a frequency that works for you.

Can I cancel or reschedule classes?

Yes, you can easily reschedule or cancel classes up to 24 hours in advance.
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