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The USP of
Ritz Fitness is that everyday is a different workout

The fitness philosophy at Ritz is to overcome the repetitive and boring routines that gyms and many other fitness classes provide. At Ritz no 2 days are the same. One day the clients would be working their core with Pilates and the very next day hopping merrily on Zumba. Ritz has managed to create an amalgamated workout regime that draws inspiration from many styles of fitness. That’s why Ritz is called “Fun with Fitness”

Ritz has a unique blend of Aerobics, Strength Training, Pilates, Circuit Training, and Functional Fitness focusing equally on core, endurance, flexibility, strength, and stamina. 


Founder, Ritz Fitness

Founder & CEO of
Ritz Fitness

Ritu Gupta, the Founder & CEO of Ritz Fitness, is an esteemed lifestyle and nutrition expert holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration. With an illustrious career spanning 8 years as a senior banker in one of India’s premier banks, she made the courageous decision to prioritize her child’s upbringing upon becoming a mother.
Experiencing postpartum weight gain firsthand, Ritu embarked on a personal journey to shed 30 kgs in just 1 year, thereby discovering her passion for fitness and laying the foundation for Ritz Fitness. Certified by YMCA London in ETM, Ritu also holds certifications in Pilates, functional fitness, kettlebells, and pad work. Additionally, she is certified in yoga, pre- and post-natal yoga, injury management, and exercise for special populations.
With a commitment to continual growth and learning, Ritu has positively impacted over 2000 lives throughout her 12-year fitness coaching journey.
Her dedication and expertise have earned her accolades, including the Women of Influence Award in March 2019 and the Gurgaon Achievers Award in September 2019.

The Founding Principle of
Ritz Fitness

is to reach out to women in their living environment given their already hectic lives which robs them of time for fitness.

What inspired you to start this business?

After having her child, Ritu found herself facing the challenge of losing 30 kilograms that she had gained during pregnancy. This period of transformation not only marked a significant physical change but also ignited a passion for fitness within her. The realization of how empowering and life-changing a fitness journey could be led her to pursue further education and certifications in various fitness disciplines Her ambition and continuous desire to learn and improve herself equipped her with the tools and knowledge necessary to help others on their fitness journeys.

About Ritz Fitness and it's journey.

Ritz fitness has been successfully running for the last 12 years and has been rated among the best fitness classes in Gurgaon by Google consistently for the past 8 years with 300+ reviews (with 5-star rating)

Ritz started with just 2 people and today it has spread across corporates, schools, condominiums, studios, workshops etc.

Ritz has a wide spectrum of client base with ages starting from 12 and going up to 57 and a loyal clientele who have been associated from the inception.

Moreover, equal emphasis is placed on lifestyle and nutrition with regular theme months and theme weeks viz. clean eating month where healthy heating and lifestyle is encouraged along with regular workout. New concepts like Fun Fridays are introduced which are good stress busters for overworked minds.

Why Choose Us

We Spread Care To Provide

Explore a wide range of personalized workout options available on our platform, designed to meet your unique fitness requirements and preferences. Whether it’s high-intensity interval training, yoga, or strength training, we provide diverse choices for engaging and impactful workouts. Choose the ideal routine aligned with your fitness goals and stay motivated throughout your fitness journey with our supportive community and resources.

Experience endless enjoyment on our platform, where the excitement never ends. Engage in exhilarating workouts, connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts, and embark on a journey of wellness and vitality. With a plethora of dynamic exercises and activities, there’s always something new to explore and enjoy. Join us and discover the joy of fitness, where the fun never stops, and every moment is filled with energy and enthusiasm.

Experience the unbeatable energy of our group workouts! Join our vibrant community where motivation is contagious and success is shared. Feel the power of exercising alongside like-minded individuals, pushing each other to new heights. Our group sessions foster camaraderie and encouragement, ensuring every participant feels inspired and supported. Discover the thrill of collective achievement as you harness the collective energy to surpass your fitness goals together.

With a global reach, we’ve successfully trained over 5000 satisfied clients worldwide. Our proven track record of delivering results speaks volumes about our dedication to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Join our community of happy clients and experience the expertise and support that have made us a trusted choice for fitness enthusiasts around the globe. Transform your fitness journey with us today.

Experience personalized attention even in a group setting with our tailored group classes. Our skilled instructors ensure each participant receives individualized guidance, adjustments, and support throughout the session. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our focus is on your progress and safety. Enjoy the benefits of a supportive community while achieving your fitness goals with our attentive instructors and inclusive group classes.

Our fitness platform welcomes individuals of all ages and fitness levels, offering inclusive and accessible workouts tailored to accommodate diverse needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, our programs are designed to help you progress at your own pace while achieving your fitness goals. Join our community and embark on a journey towards improved health and wellness, regardless of your age or current fitness level.

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